Taxes Are Complicated: Let Shannon & Buffet Do Them for You

Dividing Line
Without a doubt, today’s tax laws and regulations are complicated and ever changing and the risk of being incorrect can be very costly for you and your organization. So whether you need tax planning or help with preparing your personal tax returns, an estate return or for your corporate, non-profit and charity returns, the experienced staff at Shannon & Buffett can help you with all your tax requirements.
Our tax services include the preparation of the following:

• Personal tax returns (T1)
• Corporate tax returns (T2)
• Trust returns (T3)
• Charitable organization tax returns (T3010)
• Partnership tax returns

We are pleased to offer additional taxation guidance involving:

• Final returns for deceased tax payers
• Assistance with respect to CRA audits on
  all returns
• Advice with respect to HST and returns
• E-filing corporate and personal tax returns
• Apprenticeship tax credits
• Investment tax credits